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Posted on 03-17-2014

 Better Body System

Research has shown that the vast majority of people who attempt to lose weight, fail. Right now, you're going to discover the secret to becoming the exception to the rule. Designed for rapid, safe weight loss, most participants experience results in their very first 48 hours & can lose anywhere from 7-15+ pounds in just their first 7 days!

Question: What is the Better Body System?

The Yoli Better Body System is a dietary supplementation program designed to cleanse the digestive system while stimulating the body’s metabolism to burn fat. The Yoli Better Body System supplies the body with high energy whole foods that are extremely bio-available and highly nutritious. Many people lose 7-15+ pounds in just 7 days, and can even experience significant results in their very first 48 hours. The Yoli Better Body System will also keep your body alkaline, which is especially important with increased protein consumption. Yoli prides itself on always producing products that taste absolutely delicious without adding unnecessary ingredients such as extra sugars or harmful chemicals.


Question: Who is the Better Body System designed for?
The Yoli Better Body System is specifically developed for people who want to take charge of their health. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build lean muscle mass, have more energy throughout your day or simply maintain your current healthy weight, the Yoli Better Body System can work for you.


Question: What is included in the Better Body System?
The Yoli Better Body System consists of the YOLI ESSENTIAL SHAKE (or YES), Yoli’s PASSION Thermo Energy drink, Yoli’s PURE digestive health and cleansing product, and Alaklete for balanced body pH.


Question: Do I need all of the products to see results with Better Body System?
No. In fact each individual product can give some people amazing results. However, when each of these products is combined, your body will feel a synergistic effect that is more powerful than the individual components. You can also opt for the Essential or Optimize kits, which do not include all of the products, and still experience results.

Question: Is it safe to lose weight this fast?
Yes. These products were designed to work synergistically with your body to improve health. The Better Body System was designed to burn fat, regardless of whether you want to lose weight or just get lean and sexy. This is not a diet, but a system to help you reset you body’s set point to become a fat-burning machine.
A recent study at the University of Florida found that for obese patients in the initial stages of weight loss, shedding pounds speedily may actually be key to keeping them off.

Question:The calorie count is low on the protein days. Is it safe to exercise, and if so, to what level?
What we recommend is that the first week, if someone is exercising, to decrease their intensity and duration by 50%.
Since you are not bringing in carbohydrates, especially if you’re lifting weights, and we are already depleting carbohydrates, if you push too hard, you will end up feeling drained and worn out. You might want to rest longer between sets or even take the first week off.
Let your body acclimatize to change the first week. Your body is adapting to what you are asking it to do. We are providing herbs and nutrients and a pattern to teach the body how to burn fat as a fuel source rather than the carbohydrates you bring in normally for fuel.
There is already a lot going on. You’re asking the body to do some things it's not accustomed to doing. So just take it easy. Doing some light walking is the best recommendation for the first week.

Question: Is exercise required?
No. Many people have tried just losing weight in the gym and have spent a lot of money, only to walk away frustrated. Diet and nutrition is the real key to managing weight. The key is cleansing, getting healthy, and changing your body’s fuel sources.
Your nutrition determines how you look. The first two to three weeks, your body will have better results with a light workout as oppose to hitting it hard. Down the road, after your body has adjusted, your energy levels are up, and your set point is adjusted, adding exercise will super-charge your results.

Question: What does a good week on the Better Body System look like?
The first 2 days are protein only days, and you’re going to cut carbohydrates out of your eating. We are trying to dramatically reduce or deplete all the carbohydrates in your blood, your muscles and your liver so that your body has no choice but to burn fat as a fuel source. Now, when you wake up, especially if you use milk with your shake, you’re getting a few carbohydrates and natural sugars, which is just enough to stimulate the brain. We don't want you to be at zero, because your brain uses about 500 calories a day, and all it burns is sugar. The Better Body System will provide the fuel you need in a beneficial proportion. The nutrients you will get from the protein and milk is beneficial. So wake up, get hydrated, and also get your energy and metabolism cranking with the Passion™ energy drink. Think about your why, and spend a few minutes visualizing your goals and dreams. Next, drink a Yes™ shake and get some Purawhey, a biologically active protein, in your system right away. Drinking the YES™ shake first thing in the morning will stimulate your metabolism and give your body the nutrients to burn fat while protecting the muscles.
While you sleep, after three to four hours, your body will start breaking down muscle tissue, and that’s the last thing we want to do. So it is critical to get some lean protein into your body when you wake up. You want to make sure you maintain or even increase your lean muscle tissue during this program, so every three to four hours you’re going to be bringing in two to four ounces or more of some type of lean protein.
See The Better Body System PDF for food choices. Have some beef jerky, hard boiled eggs, deli meat, chicken breast on your protein only days.
Day three you get a 500 to 600 calorie meal at lunch that includes some complex carbohydrates. This is the first time you will be introducing carbohydrates back into your diet, and it is very important that you get these carbohydrates at lunch on day three. The schedule is the same as the first two days except at lunch, you’re going to have the extra 500 to 600 calories and include complex carbohydrates; things like broccoli, vegetables, beans, black beans, pinto beans, etc. Chicken salad with black beans and vegetables is a good choice.
Eating carbohydrates at lunch on day three is important. After about 48 hours, your body is going to start protecting itself if you don’t bring some carbohydrates in, so when you do it at lunch time, your body is still going to have time to burn off the carbohydrates. That is one of the rules you will learn; that carbohydrates, especially at night, is one of the worst things you can do if you want to lose weight, decrease body fat, and get lean.
Even in the fast track plus, you will be eating light vegetables and protein in the evening, but cutting out things like pasta and bread.

Question: Why no fruits and vegetables on protein days? Aren’t they healthy?
It’s important to understand that with The Better Body System, we want to turn your body into a fat-burning instead of a fat-storing machine. To do this, it is very important to cut out the carbohydrates. Most people have some form of what is called insulin resistance. That means that even when a person tries to change their diet and eat healthy, their body responds as if they are not eating healthy, and their body still releases too much insulin. When you release insulin, your body wants to store fat. So for the first two days, we are breaking that cycle. We are flipping a switch and changing the set point for your body’s fuel source so it will burn fat.
Though fruits and vegetables are healthy and will be used in the fast track plus portion of the program, it is important to cut the sugars and carbohydrates when you first start on the fast track portion of the plan.

Question: Can I have a snack and if so, what type of snacks?
You will need to stick with protein snacks; things like beef jerky, nuts and seeds, almonds, fresh sliced deli meat, chicken, steak, turkey and fish. The key is not to impact the blood sugar level. Some of these have a little fat, but they will not impact your blood sugar level. Carb Master Yogurt or any kind of extremely low carb yogurt is okay as a snack. Half the body weight in grams of protein is a minimum, but if you feel hungry, have a YES™ shake or eat a little more protein. Often, you can simply hydrate with TRUTH™ or FUN™, which will also help curb hunger.
When you start to feel hungry now, it is because your body is burning fat. This is exactly what you want to happen.

Question: Can I marinate or flavor my protein meal?
We would prefer you add a little flavor and enjoy your meal as opposed to not enjoying the flavor. Marinating is okay. When you consider that you are cutting out the potatoes, breads and carbs from your meals, using a little marinade to flavor it is a fair trade off. Just try to keep it to a minimum and avoid marinades that are high in sugar or high in carbs.

First Week Overview
Days 1 and 2- Fast Start: Deplete carbs in the body, muscle, liver and blood stream. Most will see a few pounds of weight loss, depending on whether they have already been dieting.
Day 3- Introduce carbs back into the diet, and the body will store a few. You may not see any weight loss, but body fat is decreased.
Day 4- We are back to only protein, and the metabolism is in high fat-burning mode. You will see loss again, but not quite as much as you lose water in the blood, and the heart becomes more efficient. Clothes will be fitting loser.
Day 5–Typically, you will not lose pounds on a low carb day until week 3.
Day 6- Protein again, and you will see more results.
Day 7 - Meal day and congratulations, you’re on your way! You should have a new feel for the products and system and feel how they work with your body.
On average, 7 - 15 pounds can be lost in 7 days.

Question: Is hydration important?
Yes, hydration is a major key to your success. If you do not hydrate, your body is going to hold on to water, and your results will not be as good. You should drink half your body weight in ounces of water or Yoli Truth™ or Fun™ daily. Fluids, in addition to taking the PURE™ capsules, are the key to helping the body cleanse and remove toxins, so hydrating is really important. Most people will not drink this much water, but with the Yoli drinks, people are able to get the fluids they need in a healthy way and drink something that tastes sweet, yet they are cutting the sugar and carbohydrates. We have seen people lose30 to 50 pounds by simply getting off the sugary beverages and switching to Passion™, Truth™ and Fun™; natural low calorie drinks that are low glycemic and contain no added sugar and no artificial flavors, colors, chemicals or preservatives. In addition, they are designed to work with your body’s design to stimulate metabolism, support the immune system, and provide optimal pH for bone and tissue health.

Question: When do I transition to Fast Track Plus?
You will learn about the differences between foods and how they affect your body weight. You will also start feeling how the Yoli products affect your system and health. Your energy level will begin increasing, and your body will get into a good rhythm. Check your health survey and see what areas you’re getting the greatest benefits in. After a week, your body will adjust, and after about two weeks, you can consider moving into the Fast Track Plus. It really depends on your goals.
Week one is about losing weight. In weeks two and three, most people will see inches starting to drop off. This is a key factor for many people because they really desire to lose weight around the midsection and other areas of the body that tend to store fat.
This is a fat burning system, not a weight loss system. The goal is to maintain muscle tissue along the way. Many systems cause you to also lose muscle weight, which slows the metabolism, making it tougher and tougher to maintain what you have lost.
Some people have reported being the same weight with the Better Body System on a previous weight loss program, but with Yoli, they’ve lost inches (muscle is heavier than fat). Many women will put on some muscle, but it’s not bulky muscle. It’s just the body becoming more dense and lean as you lose body fat and gain muscle. You’re shrinking even though the scale isn’t going down as fast as it was before. Even small loses can have a significant impact on your appearance and the size of clothing you are wearing.

Question: What are the benefits of the YES shake?
YES stands for Yoli Essential Shake. YES contains the essential macronutrients designed to keep the engine of the body running at maximum speed and efficiency. YES contains Yoli’s proprietary Whey Protein named Purawhey™. YES is minimally processed to maintain the full spectrum of fragile immune-modulating and regenerative components naturally present in fresh raw milk. Purawhey contains life giving nutrients, balanced levels of essential amino acids and the three precursors your body needs to produce Glutathione, your body's master antioxidant. Unlike nearly all dairy sources in the country, Purawhey comes from happy, grass-fed cows that are never given hormones or GMO foods. Other proteins are super heated, denatured, and often derived from hormone contaminated sources. YES is sweetened with all natural Stevia leaf and Xylitol instead of sugar and your typical artificial sweeteners. YES comes in Chocolate and Vanilla.
YES with Purawhey can: Boost your metabolism by up to 25%*Boost tryptophan, one of the building blocks of serotonin, by 43%**Reduce Blood pressure***Help the body manage hunger and increase energy *According to Dr. Oz, America's favorite doctor, starting your day with a whey protein shake can boost your metabolism by up to 25%.** As seen in Men's Health Magazine** International Dairy Journal, November 2010

Question: What is Purawhey™?
Purawhey is a unique whey protein exclusive to Yoli, Inc. and contains the full range of the fragile immune modulating and regenerative protein components naturally present in raw milk. They are the result of years of work to perfect a system that produces only the highest quality native whey protein.
Unlike heavily processed protein, which accounts for the vast majority of the market, only Purawhey ™ contains the three precursors your body needs to produce Glutathione, your body's master antioxidant. With over 89,000 medical articles documenting its benefits, Glutathione is the most critical and integral part of your body's detoxification system.
Traditionally, even the most expensive whey products available (isolates, ion exchange and hydrolyzed) are denatured by-products of cheese manufacture. They have definite limitations in preserving the biological activity of the whey proteins. The milk goes through a heating process (approx. 163° F), chemical modification and pH regulation to produce cheese. Each of these steps damages/ denatures** the whey proteins. The damaged proteins are then filtered out and what remains is a narrow range of undenatured proteins that have survived the cheese manufacturing process. From this point on there is little heat added and some of these whey proteins products are then referred to as undenatured/ cold process. It is not possible to undenature a protein. Also the vital protein bound fats have been removed.
YES also contains: Pre-biotic fiber, Ganeden BC30: the world's most powerful pro-biotic, endorsed by Dr. Michael Roizen, MEG-3®: the most trusted source in Omega-3 EPA/DHA from fish oil.
Lean Immune: scientifically developed with a combination of powerful herbs for improved Fat Metabolism, Synergistic whole food blend of vitamins and minerals from: Pomegranate, Carrot, Olive Leaf, Grape Seed Extract, Acai, Alfalfa, Maqui, Spinach, Moringa and Broccoli

Question: What is Glutathione (GSH) and why is it so important?
Glutathione is our body’s master antioxidant and one of the world’s best kept secrets. Glutathione is the body's own natural antioxidant. Antioxidants are vitally important for the function of a healthy immune system, they neutralize the free radical activity in the body.
GSH is depleted by oxidative stress, which usually occurs by illness, infection, trauma, medication or surgery so it’s critical that we take in more GSH through supplementation.
Antioxidants are well documented to play vital roles in health maintenance and disease prevention. GSH is our cell's own major antioxidant.
Glutathione helps you:
Reach peak mental and physical function
Boosts immunity & energy levels
Protects you against disease and the ravages of aging.
Is our whey organic?
While not certified organic, PuraWhey has all the advantages of 100% natural pastures. The milk for PuraWhey is derived from cows that are grass-fed and graze year-round on natural pastures. It is GMO-free, hormone-treatment-free, pesticide and chemical-free and undergoes minimal processing.
Is our whey cold-processed?
Yes, our products can use the claim “cold processed”, but more importantly, it is minimally processed to best maintain the full range of biologically active, non-denatured, native whey protein components.
What about other whey products that claim to use no heat whatsoever and instead use a process of "cold pasteurization"?

The term "cold pasteurization" is a marketing term used to describe food products that are irradiated to kill off potentially harmful bacteria. Feel free to look up and review the process of irradiating food.
What is the lactose content in the whey? What is the casein content?
Lactose content for the PuraWhey is 1 g per 10 gram serving, which is considered below the level for people who are lactose intolerant. All whey protein and colostrum products contain varying amounts of casein. Lab analysis of our native whey protein verifies that our whey contains less than 1% non-denatured casein.

Question: Does PuraWhey contain gluten?
PuraWhey is gluten free.

Question: What are the benefits of the Passion Drink?
As Yoli has conducted surveys of average individuals who consume supplements, a vast majority of people have agreed that they’re interested in more energy and mental focus to power through their demanding day. Yoli’s delicious PASSION drink features our proprietary Thermo-G formula: a Thermo-Energy blend of natural herbs and scientifically proven metabolic boosters to energize your body and help you perform at peak levels throughout your day. Unfortunately, the vast majority of energy drinks that people are turning to today in record numbers for a quick pick-me-up, actually rob you of your energy, rather than give you more of it.
Most of the energy drinks you’ll find on the market are full of sugars that will spike your blood sugar and trigger the body to store fat. In addition to the sugars, most popular energy drinks contain synthetic caffeine, synthetic taurine, and other harmful stimulants. These drugs can cause the jitters, insomnia, and cause your body to peak and crash over and over as you continue to consume more and more of the beverage.
Yoli’s Passion drink has a modest level of naturally occurring stimulant delivered through the green tea leaf. Green tea is touted as one of the most beneficial herbs foods on the planet. With Passion, you’ll feel a smooth energy and refreshment without the highs and the lows. You’ll feel more awake and alert without feeling anxious or getting the jitters.

Question: What are the benefits for the PURE Cleanse product?
Better Body System's proprietary digestive health formula to help you gently cleanse and eliminate stored up toxins to prepare for optimum fat loss and enhanced health.
PURE™ contains Ganeden BC30, a patented probiotic strain that is endorsed by Dr. Michael Roizen, Chief Wellness Officer of the Cleveland Clinic.
Did you know that your body has 10 times the number of probiotics, or "friendly" beneficial bacteria, than cells? They live throughout your body; in your ears, nose, esophagus, lungs, but most importantly, your intestines. There are more than 100 known benefits to taking probiotics, and they are responsible for 70% of our immune response. GanedenBC30 is the trademarked name for the patented strain of probiotic bacteria, Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086. GanedenBC30 is not a drug. It is a natural supplement that can help support your digestive health and maintain your immune system.
PURE has the following benefits:
Helps Maintain Cholesterol Levels*
Supports Immune Function*
Improves Gastrointestinal Health*
Helps Maintain Blood Sugar*
Supports Weight Loss
Helps breakdown protein and carbs


Question: What makes GanedenBC30 Different from Other Probiotics?
GanedenBC30 is unique because inside each cell is a hardened structure, or spore, which is similar to a seed. This spore, or seed, serves as a natural protective shield against the heat and pressure of manufacturing and the strong acids in your stomach, allowing them to arrive alive and then thrive in your intestines* -- their intended target.
Other traditional probiotic bacteria, such as lactobacillus, acidophilus and bifidobacteria, are not able to form these protective spores, making them more vulnerable to manufacturing processes and stomach acid. GanedenBC30 significantly improves abdominal pain and bloating in patients with IBS. GanedenBC30 is designed by nature to survive and thrive so more probiotic cells can help support your digestive system.
PURE also contains: Milk Thistle, Cranberries, Dried Plums, Digestive Enzymes, Magnesium. Google each of these ingredients to see the incredible benefits to each.


Question: Aren’t all meats acid forming?
Yes, but that is also why the Better Body System excels over every other programs on the market. To burn fat and/or gain muscle, it is essential to add more protein to your diet, which can cause an acid overload and tax your organs, bones and tissues. Alkalete™ and PURE™ are BBS secret weapons. Alkalete™, which is protected by 8 Patents on both the ingredients and the machines that make it, was scientifically developed to buffer acid waste throughout the body, helping to protect organs, bones and tissue. PURE™ was specifically designed to improve digestive function, help remove toxins, and support immune function. Most programs promoting protein shakes and protein meals will cause your body to tax the organs, tissues and bones as the body tries to protect itself from excessive acid. Alkalete™ and PURE™ will keep you in balance and allow the body to discard acid waste and fat in a natural, safe and healthy way.
Once you move to an exercise phase, Alkalete™ will help the body recover faster and excel in endurance by buffering acid waste created by the muscles.

Question: Why is body alkalinity important?
Before we explain Alkalete and all of its benefits, its important to explain why body alkalinity is important. Everyone in the natural products industry knows that having an alkaline environment in your body through optimal pH promotes a healthy body and immune system. Those who maintain a slightly alkaline pH in the body through diet, exercise, and supplementation will generally have superior health to those who do not. It seems that today’s wellness gurus are speaking of nothing else. Body alkalization is rapidly moving to the forefront of human consciousness.
However, when it comes to pH, most people take better care of their swimming pools than they do their bodies. By educating people about the benefits of body alkalinity, we can help everyone discover better health.

Question: What is Alkalete®?
Alkalete is the most recognized and top performing, patented, pH supplement on the market today. Alkalete helps you shed fat & acidic waste, energize your body, and fight the ravages of aging. Scientifically proven to increase your body pH, Alkalete will take your body and health to places you never dreamed possible.
Alkalete is a very simple product that is very complicated to make. It’s made up of three essential minerals: a significant amount of calcium carbonate coated with potassium hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide, which are two very powerful alkalizing agents. Our scientists turn the calcium into a carrier by impregnating the calcium carbonate with potassium hydroxide through a very complicated and expensive process. In fact, this process has eight patents.

Question: What are the benefits of Alkalete?
People want to live active, healthy lives, void of pain and suffering. Alkalete helps the body obtain optimal pH so the body can more effectively combat degenerative disease and recover quickly from any activities that put stress on the muscles and body.

Question: Is Alkalete safe?
Absolutely, as a matter of fact, Alkalete is one of the few products on the market that has received what’s called a “New Dietary Ingredient” recognition from the food and drug administration. In the world of natural products and supplements, this is significant because it means the FDA has looked at all of our clinical trials, all of our safety data, and they said “this is safe”. As a matter of fact, the ingredients calcium carbonate, and potassium hydroxide, and magnesium hydroxide in the amounts that we use, are all in a class called G.R.A.S. The acronym G.R.A.S., (generally regarded as safe), is a term used by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). But more importantly, the customer feedback that we have received in our test markets and our clinical trials tells us that this is absolutely the best body alkalizer on the market today.

Interested in ordering as a Preferred Customer to get discounted prices, visit our custom web site at www.drslinger.yoli.com or email drslinger@gmail.com for more information.

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