NIWM “Winning the Battle of the Mind” Wednesday March 26, 2014

We had another Amazing and fun time last night at the North Iowa Wellness Movement “Winning the Battle of the Mind”!  There were 26 people in attendance including staff with 2 people being new, and 5 winning prizes, plus we announced our overall winner’s for the Better Body Challenge.

Mariellen Gillespie started the night with announcements of the new and exciting upcoming events and promotions the Clinic and The Creating Wellness Store will be doing in April.

  • We want to first: Thank Everyone who is helping us Celebrate our 20 Year Anniversary here in March!  We are excited to have been a part of our community for the last 20 Years. Our Mission is to meet people where they are currently in their life and help them achieve their goals of where they want to go, one small step at a time the safe and healthy way!
  • This week’s special is 30% off all safe Toothpastes & Deodorants.(3-24-14 to 3-31-14)
  • We are running 70% off all Books, Gifts and Cards until gone.
  • Spine Pelvic Stabilizers specials: $50 Off Sandle-thotics, $125 Off any orthotics, Buy 1 pair at Regular price and get the second for $160.00
  • Make sure you are taking advantage of our FREE trials of Luxury Chair Massage and Ion Foot Spa detoxes!
  • Office and Store hours are M, W, F 7am-5pm (break 12-1) Closed on Tue. /Thurs.
  • We will be having a “product or service of the month”-display to explain in detail what it is, we will also be having a “Practice member of the month” be sure to watch for their pictures on the TV and front entry.
  • Glass Display in the Office, we have “Get to know our Family”. We want you to get to know all of us a little deeper, then just as “oh yea they work there.” April Family of the Month is Dr. Tony & Carol Slinger Family.

The Creating Wellness Store has lots of new products in almost daily! We have created the store where you can walk in and have peace of mind that all products are safe for your family.  Our Store Manager, Rob Gillespie is very knowledgeable on the products and can help you one-on-one with making the right choices for you. (A specialty that you just can’t get anywhere!) We have weekly specials so be sure to watch for them on Facebook .

Dr. Tony Slinger opened with Prayer and then jumped right into THE MIND: Where the real battle is! Understanding is it a Spiritual thing or Physical thing?  We were all born imperfect, God has a plan and so does the enemy. God’s promises hold true. In order for any of this to matter, we must make the connection that we are Spiritual beings having a Human experience. (Not the other way around).  Mental illness is real = chemical imbalances in the brain do exist.  The Brain is 80% fat, therefore we must FEED it! Good fats such as Avocados and Coconut Oil.

The Facts are: The majority of the thoughts in your childhood are typically negative and only YOU have the power to change. You cannot change anyone else.  How you start your day is CRUCIAL! Exercise is the best natural hormonal balance available and sunshine is hugely important. Strategies to Win the Battle: Bring every thought captive! Is it good or bad and who’s behind it? Stop and process before speaking. Breathe-make a conscious decision and proceed. Everyday tell at least 1 person something you like, admire or appreciate about them. Be grateful when feeling good and graceful when you are feeling bad. Fill your life with Love! Give up the idea that “more is better”. Start your day right, Exercise, prayer, meditation, eating healthy, get adjusted, wholefood nutrition, good rest, good friends, eliminate toxic relationships, choose to think and speak positively and self-empowering. To Change – YOU must change.

We would like to send out a special THANK YOU to all our volunteers:  Kathy McCann, Roberta & Dennis H, Stacy & Paul L, Zelda D and Crystal B.

The next North Iowa Wellness Movement class will be, Wednesday, April 16th at 6 pm and the topic will be “Going Deeper, completely engaging in Wellness concepts”. Please RSVP to the office at (641) 228-3142 if you would like to attend.