Dr. Tony Slinger

Looking back now I see it so clearly, the path that was laid out for me…

There I am, 13 years old, not really sure what to expect. Definitely not knowing that what I was about to experience would change my life forever! So, there I sit (in the beginnings of this very clinic), 13 years old, not fully grasping the importance of it all. That day I was told that I have a severe s-shaped scoliosis and from that moment on, my life would never be the same. After some extensive chiropractic care, I am happy to report that my mid-spine(thoracic) was completely corrected from the curvature. My lower spine (lumbar) still has a slight curve which is primarily from the short leg I was born with. Not only did my spine correct, during that initial phase of care, I noticed an improvement in my immune system, I wasn’t getting sick! Also, my energy levels increased and I slept better. Later, I would find out these are 3 of the top 5 benefits of chiropractic care! I was sold and decided in my sophomore year of high school that I, myself wanted to be a chiropractor. I eventually did and here I am 20 years later, living my dream. Saving lives, one person and family at a time.

Our practice has evolved over the years and is now a total wellness center! We have specific chiropractic care, several types of therapies, a massage chair and a hydromassage table, ion foot detox, advanced nutritional counseling, a decompression table, rehab, Kangen water, body care products, seasonings, and snacks! Here you will find all kinds of products to help you on your journey of wellness! So, no matter where you are on your own personal journey, we can all do better. We are here to help you on your journey. We develop individual programs for each person that we support, along with health counseling, comprehensive total wellness programs, which can include meal planning, exercise planning and personal coaching! So, no matter where you are, if you want to be well, we want you to be a part of our practice. Please call today and set up your first visit and let’s create a healthier and happier community!

Carol – Office Manager and Insurance Specialist

I am Dr. Slinger’s wife and we have four children that have blessed us beyond measure! I manage Slinger Chiropractic Clinic:A Creating Wellness Center and I am also the Insurance Specialist. I will most likely be on the other end of the phone when you call. I will assist you in getting your appointments scheduled, keeping you on track to health and helping with any payment questions. I enjoy going to any and all of our kids events whether it is sporting, cooking, drama, chorus, piano or dance events. Of course, the events they put on at home for us are the best of all! As you can see family is very important to me! For me it is the simple and inexpensive things in life like watching the sun rise & set. I enjoy warm weather which for me is in the 80’s. I love to be outside just enjoying God’s beautiful creation. Together, with my husband and our team, we look forward to serving all of your health and wellness needs!

Rob – Therapy Specialist

Hi, my name is Rob Gillespie. My position here at Slinger Chiropractic is primarily to help you with all your therapy needs. I am here to primarily assist Dr. Slinger in getting you well and on your track to optimal health! Whether it is decompression, ultra sound, high volt galvanic or interferential therapy, I will most likely be assisting you! I will also assist the team by keeping our clinic well kept, fill your nutrition orders and much more! I also will help you with the Hydromassage or Chair massage, and assist anyone who participates in the ion foot spa detox program. I enjoy my one on one time with our patient base and look forward to meeting you soon!