This page of my website is extremely important to me because it provides an opportunity to truly reveal my passion, my vision, my drive and my overriding purpose in life. God has gifted me with the ability to detect and correct subluxation, but ALSO to communicate to people their “WHY,” as in…why they are experiencing, what they are experiencing. Our lives are a culmination of our choices and I help people assess the decisions that they have made in order to contribute to where they are today. My intention is to NOT to harp on the past, actually it is the exact opposite, but instead to learn about where we once were, in order to get to where we are today, and to make the necessary changes for tomorrow and everyday going forward. My FAMILY is my absolute driving force as I lost my step-father, who happened to be my best friend, and my father as well at a very young age due to cancer. My children and wife never had the chance to know either of them and I do not want this for my children, nor do I want this for your family. I believe that ALL OF US were created to be well and everyone has the potential within them, they just need to locate it!

With this being said, I desire to emphasize, why I do, what I do:

Our country continues to get sicker with each passing year and the statistics are staggering. Did you realize that for the first time in history that this generation of children will not outlive their parents? How could this have taken place in a country that has all of the opportunity, all of the money, all of the human resources, but yet ALL OF THE LIFESTYLE DISEASE? The choices that we make are leading to our demise, but now we have CHOICE that could truly change YOUR world forever….WILL YOU BE PART OF THE PROBLEM OR THE SOLUTION?

I pose this question with nothing but the highest degree of respect, there is no right or wrong answer, and instead your decision will be based on what you desire from your life. As our world gets sicker, your life can get healthier, and I am confident that what we offer you at Slinger Chiropractic will help you develop a foundation for your health going forward. Therefore, if you are ready to take action, then please call the phone number below because it would be our honor to help you enhance the quality of your life.